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Sunday, February 13, 2011
So my last post was about my I Heart Faces entry. It was fun to enter and fun to look at the other entries and their blogs and appreciate all the talent and creativity out there. I never expected to win anything, but I liked the subject for this week's challenge - hearts - and was just excited to participate. I entered on Monday and all week I kept checking back in and looking at the other entries, but because I so wasn't planning on winning anything, I didn't check back in on Saturday morning when they announce the winners. My good friend Nan had to call me and tell me that I'd gotten 8th place!

So here's the photo, if you haven't seen it before. And this is what the judges, the fabulous Bobbi+Mike said about my photo, "beautiful color, nice use of a natural prop. simple and not contrived."

Thanks to everyone and their nice comments! I feel re-inspired by all the gorgeous photos I saw this week. And all the beautiful faces.


Y2U said...

I've always loved your photos. n this particular photo is also amazing.. :D keep rocking

Felicia Follum said...

This one is gorgeous! I love the small depth of field and the colors. I have a decent digital camera and a film SLR. This makes me want to splurge on a super expensive digital SLR...Anyways I love it.

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