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Four Handsome Boys

Sunday, June 27, 2010
A while back, I went to St. George and made an evening of it - - 4 photo shoots in one night. I should have put these pics up a long time ago, but I've just been so behind. So sorry guys, here's your postview instead of preview. But I loved the pictures and had to post them.

This family had 4 of the cutest little boys, I could have photographed them all night! We had a great location with lots of fun old stuff and beautiful greenery. We started out on this old wagon...

And ended up with this wonderful shot - - how sweet is this?

Love that!

I have something of a twisted sense of humor and when I saw this sign, I had a stroke of inspiration - thank goodness Mom and Dad were such good sports.

The boys were not only handsome, but super-duper cooperative, which made things easy for me.

*a funny thing to note: their dad told them not to smile with their teeth showing, and so none of them did....

And apparently, sometimes when you've had 4 boys in a row, you can get a little on edge and take your frustrations out on the feller responsible...

Awww, now this is much better....

Thanks guys, for putting up with me and letting me capture your family, I think you should just keep having those boys - at least 3 or 4 more!

Katie's Maternity Shoot

Thursday, June 3, 2010
My good friend Katie, is pregnant with her 5th baby. She recently moved about 2 hours away (darn it!) but we've still been wanting to get together and try some maternity photos. Katie has several family members who were also wanting photo sessions, so we scheduled them all for the same evening and managed to squeeze Katie in between 3 other shoots.

Here are a few of my favs of Katie and her "baby bump" ~

I think these with the kids are my very favorite - how adorable are they?!

Cute, bump, baby! I can't wait to meet that little kiddo.

And take her picture, of course!